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Advancements In Heavy Equipment

from: Lucy Bartlett

There is a rapid advancement in the field of heavy equipment technology. Unlike the earlier days now, using global positioning satellite technology, heavy equipment placed anywhere in the world can be checked or diagnosed. Finding the right new equipment suitable is also getting to be a big challenge. With a lot of options and features to consider, it will be an overwhelming chore.

Among the heavy equipment, backhoe-loaders are used in small demolitions, breaking asphalt, construction, digging holes/excavating, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, and paving roads. To smash concrete and rock, tools such as breakers can be used instead of the backhoe bucket. To empty its load more quickly and efficiently, some loader buckets have a retractable bottom. Grading and scratching off the sand is executed with retractable-bottom loader buckets. The front assembly may be permanently mounted or have a removable attachment. Often other devices and tools replace the bucket. In order to mount different attachments to the loader, the backhoe loader must be equipped with a tool coupler.

Bulldozers are heavy equipment, but they are also large and tracked engineering vehicles. With the mobility and ground hold given by the tracks, they can move through very rough terrain. Swamp tracks in bulldozers are merely extra wide tracks. The three distinct assemblies of compact hydraulic excavators are workgroup, undercarriage, and house. The boom, arm or dipper and attachments such as bucket and breaker are parts of the workgroup of a compact hydraulic excavator. They are connected to the front of the house structure of the excavator via a swing frame that allows the workgroup to be hydraulically pivoted right or left to achieve offset digging for trenching.

Harvesters today do practically all of the commercial felling in Sweden and Finland, and they were developed in these countries. Harvesters work best in less difficult terrain while clear-cutting areas of forest. Small and very agile harvesters are used in the Nordic countries for thinning operations. An iron or a cylinder placed between two metal rods so that it is able to slide down and up freely are included in the pile drivers. A pulley system is used to raise the cylinder which may involve the use of manual labor, steam or hydraulics. Small explosions in the chamber are used in modern pile drivers to raise the cylinder.

A piece of heavy equipment used for earth-moving in civil engineering is a wheel tractor-scraper. A vertically moveable hopper in the rear part with a sharp horizontal front edge does the scraping. Raising and lowering of the hopper is done hydraulically. The front edge cuts into the soil like a cheese-cutter when the hopper is lowered.


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